Course: Digital Asset Supply Chain Management for Marketers


This course takes delegates through the different stages of establishing, managing and continuously improving a digital asset supply chain for their own organisation and is suitable for those who have prior experience of Digital Asset Management or Digital Asset Supply Chains and are just starting to learn about the concept.

More details:

Assessed delegates who have passed this course:

  • Alicia Rapp (5th December 2019)
  • Lisa Anders (5th December 2019)
  • Jocelyn Wehr (5th December 2019)
  • Annella Mendoza (5th December 2019)
  • Jean Lo (5th December 2019)
  • Deb Fanslow (10th February 2020)
  • Mark Weir (12th March 2020)
  • Steve Lipscombe (18th March 2020)
  • Jenny Grove (26th March 2020)
  • Jose Cardenas (7th April 2020)
  • John Goldsmith (7th April 2020)