DAM Federation is a group of affiliated Digital Asset Management information services providers who have a common goal of educating and informing the Digital Asset community.

DAM Federation services are predominantly not for profit in nature, however, they may be provided by organisations who are engaged in commercial activities. The objective of the DAM Federation is to support the activities of the participating service providers to better ensure that they can continue to survive and prosper.

DAM Federation further seeks to introduce standards and benchmarks that can help the wider industry achieve greater levels of trust and adoption of Digital Asset Management both as a management process and a range of technologies.

DAM Federation provides accreditation for a number of Digital Asset Management-related training courses offered by different providers. If you want to have your DAM industry course added to this list, please contact us

DAM Federation is currently managed by Digital Asset Management Consultants, Daydream with executive decisions taken collectively by the participating organisations and individuals.